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“ Our mission is to create a common language of art, spread art and culture awareness through products and services ”

In September 2013 we started our first retail store, offering genuine hand-made products inspired from different cultures from around the globe. With the same conception, Earth Design Studio and Earth Production House were introduced later on. Under the same roof, Earth has branched out, offering a wide range of products and services.

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Art Classes & Workshops

We offer art classes for beginners, as well as preparatory courses for university applications.
Occasional arts and crafts workshops are updated every month according to the schedule. Workshops include but are not limited to; watercolor painting, dreamcatcher making, wall clock painting, collage, mandala and decoupage.

Applied Arts Portfolio Building Course

  • Applied Arts Portfolio Course

    A course specified for students applying for faculties of APPLIED ARTS. Throughout the course, we build the portfolio required for university applications. Every class we study a new topic, then apply it on a new artwork for the portfolio.

  • Applied Arts Portfolio Course

    The course covers:
    1. Free-hand drawing

    2. Perspective drawing

    3. Product design

    4. Graphic design

    5. Media

    6. Collage

    7. 3D Project

  • Applied Arts Portfolio Course

    Course Duration:

    15 Classes/ 30 hr

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  • Architecture Preparatory Course

    A course specified for students applying for the faculty of Architecture in the German University in Cairo. Each Class we study a different topic, as well as practice on exercises similar to the aptitude test.

  • Architecture Preparatory Course

    The Course Covers:

    1. Freehand drawing

    2. Orthographic projection

    3. Isometric drawing

    4. 1 point & 2 point perspective

    5. Geometric drawing

    6. Creativity

  • Architecture Preparatory Course

    Course Duration:

    6 Classes/ 12 hrs

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In the comments section, please state the course that you are interested in, and we will contact you with details about the schedule.